Such Mucking out There out in the App-Collection Facebook Access on Android [Tip]

It is not always easy to get an overview of app-collection’s access to services. This app helps Android users.

Despite the fact that privacy means quite a lot for most Danish smartphone users, then used their revealing Facebook profile blithely as log-in on various websites and in the phone app collection.

The list of apps that have access to your social content often grows over time, and perhaps it could yet be very nice to see if you could possibly use the apps that still have access. There are several ways to do this, and today we have chosen to show it via app MyPermissions, that can be downloaded for free from Google Play here.

Well, lets get started.

-When you open the app the first time, you will be presented with the list of services as the MyPermissions can scan through. Since I am most worried about information from Facebook, press I on the logo away.

-Now do I have to log in via my Facebook profile.
Note: the app MyPermission will not have access to data from the profile, so I can safely log in.

So will be Facebookprofilen scanned through for parasitic apps.

Subsequent tells MyPermissions that there are 18 apps that have access to data from my Facebook profile.
-I press “Show me” to see the list of these apps.

There is no doubt that I am in the list have been given the complete list, since apps represented from both iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Mac are present. At each app can I either “REVOKE” (remove) access, “TRUST” (approve) the or “REPORT” (review).

What a wonderful opportunity to get muget out in apps, I no longer have installed.

On the app front I can also via the button “ADD A SERVICE” check my app-collection through access to other services such as: Google, Twitter, Instagram and others.

How many apps have access to your profile?