Supertruper, Application for The List of Purchase That Tells Us Where The Products Are Sold Cheaper

Supertruper It is an application that will be our ally at the time of buy at the grocery store. At first sight it might be a simple list to take with you to the grocery store, but this application goes further by offering us the possibility to compare the price of products in the different chains of establishments.

A new part of the application is the way in can introduce it products (aside from writing them in textual form or voice), since We can do this by scanning the barcode through the camera. Once recognized can verify if it is available in the database, so we will find one comparison with the price of the product in different establishments.

If you are not in the database we can enter it ourselves, including its image, features and price in the establishment where we have found it. Does not require login to access or send products to the catalog.

When making the list we introduce the generic name of the product that need us. The application It will suggest that product brands showing the price for each one of the establishments where it is sold. After you select our products with the corresponding price we can calculate the total amount. You just need us to buy.

A fantastic collaborative application in which users form a crucial role. Hence the reason that there is also the version for iPhone.

This version will put a couple of IFS and buts that perhaps in future versions take into account, as it is the location, since product can vary widely by area or even a geolocation of the supermarkets where they are sold and, more important, to share the list once it is created, for example, to send an email.

Supertruperversion 1.4.1

  • Version of Android: Since 1.6
  • Developer: Supertruper
  • Download it in: Android Market
  • Price: Free
  • Category: Shopping

Supertruper is an App that allows you to list the purchase of a quick and easy way: by scanning the barcodes of the products that you have in your House and are nearing completion, or if you prefer, by typing the name of the product