Swiftkey Tablet X, a Keyboard for Squeezing Your Tablet Android

In Swiftkey they have clear that adapt an app so well as a Tablet not must consist of simply scale it to big screens. They need to be adapted to take advantage of the possibilities for one greater screen.

In the case of the keyboard this is especially important, since the ergonomics varies greatly from a smartphone to a tablet. Hence today talk of Swiftkey Tablet X, the application specifically designed for tablets of the well-known X Swifkey.

Swiftkey Tablet X works very similar to his brother, small predicting words and learning our habits of writing in text, email, Facebook or Twitter messages, only that also offers some additional possibilities designed for tablets.

One of them is the split keyboard, that you can see in the first picture, that allows you to write with greater ease using only thumbs while holding the tablet with both hands. Also in the central hole is the keypad. We can change between normal and split keyboard by pressing a button next to the space bar.

At first it cost a little suit, but soon he is very comfortable. The keyboard divided only shown in landscape position. If you rotate the screen, the keyboard automatically switches to the normal. You can see images of the keyboard vertically at the gallery that I included at the end of the article.

Swiftkey Tablet x held additional hearings for Numerics and special characters, be accessed with another button dedicated to it. On the main keyboard, there is a single button to change to other modes, to occupy less space. There is also a button to activate voice recognition mode, and another to change the configuration of the keyboard.

As regards the word prediction, It works just as well as in his brother for small screens. The downside is in tablets is not as practical as in smartphones. Personally, most of the times costs me less complete the word that move the finger to select one of the proposed words. That Yes, if enable the complete words by pressing space, high speed is gained.

Just one final thing. As Swiftkey X and Swiftkey Tablet X are different applications, must be purchased separately. If you’ve already paid for Swiftkey X to have it on your smartphone, not get rid of paying to have it also on the tablet. While taking into account how little it costs, offset.

In any case, There is a free trial version that you can use for a month. But beware, hopelessly hooked and will touch you to proceed to checkout after the trial period.

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Swiftkey Tablet X Version

  • Version of Android: Since 2.1
  • Developer: Swiftkey
  • Download it from the Android Market: Complete | Evaluation
  • Price: 3,67 euros
  • Category: Productivity

Keyboard with intelligence to predict the word being typed, adapted especially for tablets.