Switching From Iphone To Android-Sync Calendar, Contacts And Email

Every second Smartphone is an Android device. The operating system is currently not to brake on his success. Some iPhone users who previously swore to your Apple Smartphone, would change now.

A problem that turns out pretty fast is the transfer of personal data to the new Android Smartphone. Of course, you want to have like his so far registered appointments, contacts and his emails on your new phone available. The synchronization of data is not as complicated as you might think to start maybe.

There are several possibilities how you can transfer his data from his iPhone to a new Android device.Precondition is however almost always a Google account. If you have yet not one, it is now time.

Everything begins with a Gmail account

First you should set up a Google mail account. You already have one, then you can skip this part.
For those who own one, the individual steps are explained here briefly:

Activate the synchronisation via Google
With Google sync

Step 1: Select the settings app on your iPhone
Step 2: Open the sub-item on mail, contacts, and calendar
Step 3: You’re going add to account
Step 4: Make up your mind for Microsoft Exchange
Step 5: enter your (new) Google email address in email
Step 6: The field domain leave it blank
Step 7: Your user name is the same as your Google email address
Step 8: The required password is your Google Gmail password
Step 9: Go to next
Step 10: enter m.google.com in Server
Step 11: Go to next
You can now decide what information you want to synchronize.


Choose the correct account settings

Also can synchronize all your E-mail, calendar and contacts “on” must be selected. You want that only your contacts, you can make everything else on “off”. These data are then ignored.
The synchronization of your existing data with the new Google for data automatically, if you set push email. If not, you can the corresponding apps open but also easy, in this case the calendar or Kontakteapp.

Stretch your new Android Smartphone is used
Step 1: Select the app settings device for your Android
Step 2: Open accounts and sync
Step 3: Manage accounts you turn your displayed Google sync account. The two previously grey-backed arrows, are becoming Green
Your Google account will not be displayed. Click at the bottom then please click Add account.
Friends step 4: will be shown a selection of different accounts. Select Google
Step 5: You will be asked if you already have account on a Google. Click on login
Step 6: Enter your user name (your E-Mail address) and your password.
Step 7: type on login

You will find your data, which formerly were on your iPhone, now available on your Android Smartphone.As also already on the Apple device, you can link your contact information with your social networks.

For additional help, you can find here a video. It is entered on the function and application way Google sync. Then I can really go wrong when you synchronize your data.

There are two other good options, to its data from an iPhone to an Android Smartphone transfer. I would like to imagine briefly once again that.

From the iPhone to the Samsung Android Smartphone
The manufacturer Samsung has come up with something special. For all customers who would like to switch from iPhone to a unit of the Korean manufacturer with Google Android, there’s the easy phone sync application. Thus, contacts, news, videos, photos, music, playlists and podcasts will be transferred very easily. The iTunes backup of a PC or Mac acts as a stopover. Here is transferred after device between data stored on the Samsung. The tool is free to purchase the Google play store.

Sync contacts via iTunes
As a prerequisite, a Google mail account is here again. Then it can also directly go. The iPhone is connected with a USB cable to a PC or Mac. After you’ve opened iTunes, clicking info on the menu on your iPhone. Now you have the possibility to synchronize your contacts. To do this select the sub-item on Google contacts and enter your Google Gmail credentials. Your iPhone contacts are now stored with your Google account and get on an Android device automatically.

I wish you a good luck when switching from iPhone to an Android Smartphone in jedemFall and it should be but a large transition, then de transition work back at least as fast.