The Aso South Route in Japan
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The ten most dangerous railway lines in the world

The Kuranda Scenic Railway in Australia The railway line leads through the spectacular tropical landscape of the Barron Gorge National Park, through tunnels and over bridges and abrupt gorges. The train often passes so close to impressive waterfalls that spray sprays onto the train’s wagons. The Argo Gede railway line in Indonesia The three hours […]

Argentina Unity

Argentina Independence and Unity Part II

A new conservative tide flooded Argentina, in the midst of complicated economic problems, especially in the relationship with the British, who in the commercial exchange then turned almost exclusively to the British Commonwealth itself. The military coup of 1930, of fascist influence, came under the power of generals José Felix Uriburu and then Agustín Pedro […]

Argentina Independence

Argentina Independence and Unity Part I

Stimulated by the recent Franco-Spanish alliance, the English in 1806 took Buenos Aires. The city was conquered by the troops of Santiago Liniers, but given the evident insufficiency of Spanish forces to defend it, its residents organized themselves into militias. Under the influence of the French revolution, an enlightened urban bourgeoisie overthrew Viceroy Rafael de […]

Argentine History

Argentina History and Society

History Since the beginning of the occupation of its territory, in which its pioneering spirit seemed to be guided by conflicting objectives and attitudes, Argentina has always lived its history with struggle and restlessness, regional rivalries, divergence between classes and factions. In the midst of these flames, it became politicized, acquired vigorous social combativeness and […]

Argentine Agriculture and Livestock

Argentine Business and Economy Part II

Agriculture and Livestock With its different soils and climatic conditions, Argentina was able to diversify its agricultural production in intensive crops, adapted to the characteristics of each region. The main goal has been that of cereals. Great rotation is made, in the Pampas, of wheat and corn with flax and alfalfa. Rye, barley, oats and, […]

Argentine Mines and energy

Argentine Business and Economy Part I

Trade, tourism, finance Argentine exports are mainly made up of agricultural products (cereals, fruits, vegetables, fodder, vegetable oils, butter, meat and meat products, leather and hides), but in the second half of the 20th century there was an increasing participation of industry in this sector. activity, particularly with regard to oil products. In contrast, the […]

Argentina Country Facts

Argentina Country Facts

The most peculiar characteristic of Argentina is the historical coexistence between the strong European cultural heritage and the rural and regionalist traditions. The economic power of the landowning oligarchy did not prevent the country from achieving levels of development typical of first world nations. The high level of education of the population, the level of […]