Dragon caves of Porto Christo

Balearic Islands Geography

The islands of the Balearic Islands The Balearic Islands, the autonomous community of Spain that is so important for tourism, are made up of the Gimnesias in the north, which include Mallorca, Menorca and Cabrera, and the Pitiusas in the southwest, of which Ibiza and Formentera are the two largest and named after them the […]

Cliffs in the bay of Cala Varques

Most Beautiful Beaches in Northeast Mallorca

Jewels in the northeast of Mallorca Cala Torta The perfect place to enjoy nature is Cala Torta, a slightly larger bay near the city of Artà. The sand here is a bit coarse-grained and stony, but that doesn’t detract from the bathing experience. Since the bay drops into the sea relatively quickly, the beach is […]

Spain Immigration Statistics

Spain Culture and Traditions

Customs and traditions According to Abbreviationfinder, the Spaniards are usually described as hospitable and welcoming. In particular, in the autonomous regions such as Catalonia and the Basque region, the residents are often proud of their food and culture. They look primarily like Catalans or Basques, rather than Spaniards. The family is important in Spain, which […]