Tailored Trousers from Robin P Tailoring

Today, we will for the first time in history a pair of Manolos review tailored trousers made in Sweden. In the case of the young but driven Robin p as from his studio in Gothenburg and Trunk Shows in Stockholm and London offer tailored pants after the rules.

It could probably not have escaped any faithful reader here at Manolo to both me and Andreas has a genuine interest in tailor-made fashion.Unfortunately, the demand in Sweden has been rather bad for many years as well as supply. To train as a tailor in Sweden with a focus on clothing has hardly been a profession with brilliant prospects. Sweden has a little crass for quite some time actually only had a renowned tailor in the form of a. w. Bauer in Stockholm. Sure, it has trained some in the tailor shop but most of these have been living out in theatre or with tailor’s changes. A few have been able to start a “enmanslåda” and actually been able to work with classic clothing tailor shop. This does not mean that we Swedes are not chosen tailored fashion in recent decades.No, many of them who have sewn up their clothes have made this abroad (and then don’t count “express tailor” in Thailand). The last few years when it has become more and more popular with tailored fashion, a number of more or less known, tailor from Europe started to visit Sweden to keep so-called trunk shows to meet the demand that is actually proven to be here.

Extra fun is that it actually has come a number of tailor to primarily in Stockholm and Gothenburg, with a focus on clothing. Annika in His next door is one, My in a. Marchesan is a, Skräddarnas House in Gothenburg has a couple of people and a number of younger talents with a passion has started their apprenticeships which guarantees to Sweden once again, hopefully soon have a the number of people who have mastered this profession.

One of these younger talents is Robin P in Gothenburg. Robin has a different background, he is a marine biologist but found no job in this. He had a huge interest in tailoring fashion but realized that if he could afford to just wear tailored clothing so he would sew them yourself. Said and done, a sewing machine was procured, the Youtubades, googlades, and read on. And in the basement at home start he slowly but surely to sew their first garment. It is now almost 3 years ago and to be honest, a lot has happened. I have gotten to know Robin and can honestly say without hurting him that I initially thought he was crazy. The first garments that were also left much to be desired aesthetic. But who blame him, there are no shortcuts and no one can run before man learned to walk?

Today, the company is Robin P something completely different, in many different ways. The drive Robin and his company has done is incredible.Robin’s main activity today is that he works as a consultant for the Korean tailor’s Studio B & Tailor. He meets with clients and take all measure and manage testing and the garments are sent back and forth.This is happening in his own Studio in Victoria passage in Gothenburg, as well as through trunk shows in Stockholm and London. In the short time he has built up a loyal customer crowd, yours truly included. I can honestly say that the tailored Blazer that B & Tailor sewed for me and where Robin took care of all the samples, nålningar and kritningar are the best of all my jackets I own.

To become a better tailor, he has been in since time began as an apprentice at Skräddarnas House in Gothenburg and alternate internship with the theory which has already begun to be felt at his own clothes.

At the turn of the year happened something really interesting which is the real reason for this article. Robin was approached by a young British man called William Baxter. Like many young British men he had met a nice American girl in London and fancy occurred. William chose to move to Gothenburg, together with his girlfriend and needed a job. Is it that William, then byxmakare of London tailor Timothy Everest, the labour market in Sweden and Gothenburg are fairly limited. Have started, however, with Robin and since a couple of months worked as byxmakare in Robin’s own label.

I thought it sounded interesting and wanted to test his service and buy a pair of pants and prop up the as is crazy enough to move to Gothenburg to work as a tailor. What if more could do it, what’s a lot more fun that västkustska sartoriella life then had become!

The price level of fully tailored trousers in a normal fabric with 3-4 tests is about 4 000 USD which is in context is appropriate for this type of service. On a good address in London had the same pants cost 50-100% more, according to fanciestpants.

I chose to do my in a classic dark gray and rough flannel from the Fox Brothers. A mark which, in my opinion and experience is the world’s foremost on flannel. The color is pretty dark lends itself to a more formal look and why I chose a classic and timeless silhouette. The waist is a little higher which is suitable for my body type (which is anything but athletic). I chose to do them without front pleats and a length of 21 cm, foot width with a slight break on shoe.

You may judge by the results themselves but summarized, it is a couple of really good pants. I like the cut and find that the fit was perfect. I compare with other tailors I used so it is a rather “simple” trousers. By this I mean that the number of hand torque compared to, for example, Zaremba or the Italian tailors I tried were fewer. They were, however, rather the pants I had to sew up at Thom Sweeney in London. When I’m not looking for the worst kind of after effect and nörderi how it works to some seams sewn on the machine as long as the case and the fit is perfect, and I think it was.

Main advantage of the pants from Robin was that for the first time I have been able to visit a tailor at home. I had all the måttningar with Robin while William sewed, corrected and created the pattern. How exotic it is to visit his tailor in Florence or London, it’s still nice to be able to do it at home. I had 4 testing in 2 weeks! It is a record. In some cases, I’ve waited 1 year on a pair of pants from other tailors.

Whether it is Robin P or any other local tailor, so I recommend you to meet them, if only to share their enthusiasm and passion for something as wonderful as tailored clothing.