Termez is a real pearl of the East, a city at the crossroads of civilizations, the heart of Central Asia. The city has been destroyed more than once, devastated, passed from hand to hand, but survived everything and today it opens its hospitable oriental embrace for tourists who are exploring new spaces. According to legend, the city was founded by the legendary king Zoroaster, and back in the 5th century BC. e. its then inhabitants, the Bactrians, called it “very ancient.” It is difficult for us, representatives of a young civilization, to even imagine that in those days, when the first agricultural cultures were just emerging on the East European Plain, the Great Silk Road already passed here. You will feel the real magic of antiquity, being in this southernmost city of Uzbekistan. Located on the right bank of the great Asian river Amu Darya, Termez borders on Turkmenistan, Tajikistan and Afghanistan, with which it is connected by the Friendship Bridge, the only such structure in the region. The population of the city is small – about 150 thousand people, which makes staying here pleasant and not tiring. Please note, however, that the climate here is continental, which means that the summer is very hot, the thermometer often freezes at around +45 ° C. The most favorable time for a trip is April-May or September-October. However, the winters here are quite mild, and the heat, with low humidity, is much easier to tolerate than in our latitudes. So, let’s go. According to petwithsupplies, Termez is one of the largest cities in Uzbekistan.

How to get there

Airplane. As always, the fastest and most convenient transport. The cheapest option is Uzbekistan Airways, but you will have to make a transfer in Tashkent.

Train. An option for lovers of romance, the sound of wheels, tea in an iron cup holder and landscapes of various natural areas flickering outside the window. There is no direct connection between Moscow and Termez, but every day a train leaves from the Kazansky railway station to Tashkent, which takes 33 hours and 37 minutes. You can stay in the capital, including this vibrant multilingual city with the only subway in Central Asia in your program, and leave for Termez the next day at 17:00. You can wait 40 minutes and go to Termez on the same day, in 15 hours you will be at your destination.

It is difficult to find another such place in Uzbekistan where Buddhist, ancient Bactrian and Islamic cultures coexist.

Combined option: train – bus. You can take a train to Tashkent, and then take a bus to Termez. The average ticket price is 1500 RUB, the distance is 708 km.

Automobile. An option for auto travel fanatics. The distance to Termez is 4060 km, the road will pass through Russia, most of Kazakhstan, while it is laid in such a way that it will be necessary to go through the section of Turkmenistan. Naturally, you will have to attend to overnight stays, but then you will see three different countries at once.


The traditional concept of “shopping” for Uzbekistan does not seem very appropriate. But this is only at first glance. Yes, real trade is concentrated here not in shopping centers, but in the famous oriental bazaars. But after all, we are going here for color, and you will get it in full. At the Termez market you will taste the world-famous Uzbek melon, transparent juicy grapes, huge, like balls, ripe tomatoes. Don’t forget to bring dried fruits home. You will pack them in an oriental exquisite way, and you will get a wonderful gift for relatives and friends.


Uzbek cuisine is, first of all, lamb in various forms, the most popular and favorite of which is pilaf. Cakes, sauces, various vegetables – this is not a complete list of what Termez can offer. And, of course, a teahouse, where tea is drunk from real bowls, long and leisurely.

Entertainment and attractions of Termez

As already mentioned, Termez is the real heart of Asia, in the beating of which its many-voiced, diverse essence is heard. It is difficult to find another such place in Uzbekistan where Buddhist, ancient Bactrian and Islamic cultures coexist.

Buddhist temple complex Fayaz-Tepe 1-3 c. BC e.

In 1968, a unique ancient sculpture was discovered on the site between the right bank of the Amu Darya and the ancient caravan road. As a result of excavations, a whole temple complex was found, consisting of a temple, a monastery and outbuildings. The temple has a monument to the meditating Buddha.

Passing through the monastery, you will see cells, rooms for pilgrims, in its economic part there are many rooms with the remains of real ancient earthen ovens.

Family tomb of Termez seyids – memorial and cult complex Sultan-Saodat

This is a typical Islamic mausoleum complex of the 13th-14th centuries, consisting of buildings of different times, which make up an integral architectural ensemble, distinguished by strict forms and sophistication of decoration.

Architectural complex Hakim-at-Termezi

The center of the complex is the grave of the founder of the Sufi order “Hakimi” Termezi, a place of pilgrimage for Sufi followers from all over Asia. The ensemble occupies a small area, but is considered the most complex among medieval monuments. If you want to see pictures from old books about travels to the fabulous East with your own eyes, this is the place for you.

Jarkurgan minaret

The famous minaret, a real example of the architecture of the Khorezmshahs, is located 60 km from Termez, the village of Minor. You can get here by bus, minibus and taxi. You will plunge into the atmosphere of a real Uzbek village, buy souvenirs, taste real pilaf and drink fragrant green tea with dried melon.

Reserve Aral-Paygambar

We recommend that lovers of eco-tourism and not only visit the Aral-Paigambar reserve, known for tugai forests unknown to Europeans, growing only along the banks of rivers flowing in temperate or subtropical deserts or dry steppes. The area of ​​forests is only a few tens of meters from the water’s edge, but their vegetation makes a stunning impression. In addition, according to legend, the tomb of the biblical prophet Ezekiel (Zul-Kifl) is located on the territory of the reserve.

Termez, Uzbekistan

Termez, Uzbekistan
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