The 3 Best Double Sleeping Bags For Couples In Love That Go Camping

The 3 Best Double Sleeping Bags For Couples In Love That Go Camping

How long will you continue to suffer when you go camping with your partner? The night comes and everyone has to put in their individual bag.

The 3 Best Double Sleeping Bags For Couples In Love That Go Camping

How awful. Are you in love? Of course. And you do not have to suffer when you go camping in separate sacks in your tent. Of course not. Double sleeping bags have been in existence for some time. They are very comfortable to sleep with another person, and we can assure you one thing: the kidney is not going to be cold to you… unless your partner kicks you out of the bag…

eye! The double sleeping bags are usually bigger and therefore heavier, so watch out if you’re going hiking with them. Check that they can be handled correctly and that they fold easily and in a small package. Nor are they usually suitable for very cold climates: for these cases, better a single bag that supports -30ºC

You also have to look for those with a reasonable weight and yet do not leave cold air gaps between the couple of lovers. In summer it does not matter, but if it’s cold this is important.

The 3 Best Double Sleeping Bags

1. Coleman Hampton Double Sleeping Bag

Sack for spring-summer

Cotton outer and flannel lining

Single layer insulation, Coletherm 1 x 300 g / m²

Size: 220 x 150 cm

Package Size: 48 x 44 x 24 cm

Weight: 4.55 kg

Comfort Temperature: 7 ° C

Temperature range: 3 ° C

Extreme temperature: -12 ° C

Perfect for use in temperate and cold areas, with a good weight, very wide and with quality materials.It is bulky when it gets into your bag as it does not compress as much as a traditional sack. It looks like a Nordic quilt. You will need a whole backpack to carry. Comes with two pillows and a carrying bag. It is made of 210T waterproof polyester, and inside we have cotton. His touch is soft and very comfortable. Its price is around 60-70 euros.

2.-10T Canoodle – Double Sleeping Bag

Outer fabric: 20% cotton – 80% polyester

Interior Fabric: 20% Cotton – 80% Polyester

Top fill: 2 x 150 g / m² 100% polyester HARD FIBER

Bottom fill: 2 x 150 g / m² 100% polyester HARD FIBER

Comfort Temperature: +/- 0 ° C

Temperature Range: -5 ° C

Extreme Temperature: -23 ° C

Weight: 3.75kg

Season: All year round

Dimensions unfolded: 230 x 160 cm

Dimensions of the product folded: 57x50x23cm

Includes two pillows and has zippers.

A bag for two people a little bigger than the previous one, 230 x 160 cm. It is a broad, lightweight model with a very practical carrying bag. It is also bulky but it is less heavy. It has a very soft feel and comes with cushions. The fabrication is good and the seams will hold up. It has pockets on the top of the sheet to store your phones. It usually costs between 90 and 100 euros.

3.-Outad – Double Sleeping Bag

The comfortable temperature is -5° C to 10°C

Made of 190T polyester and cotton

Dimensions unfolded: 210 x 152 cm

With zippers all around the edge

Weight: 2.8kg

And the last option is one of the cheapest. It has zips around the edge, carrying bag with two adjustable straps and pillows (not very big). It is very soft and pleasant to the touch. It has velcros at the height and the head so that the rack does not go down. Its quality is somewhat inferior to the previous one. Its price is around 60 euros.

These 3 best double sleeping bags have incredible prices in SleepingBagsExpo. Enjoy shopping!