The Best Street Style of The Week (LXVIII)

The heat drops to lead on the cosmopolitan sidewalks of the northern hemisphere, but that does not mean that we abandon the worst of the pool looks: not, the urban fashion does not neglect its form appear before the world or during these months, simply fits her outfits the mark degree thermometer (or ignores them voluntarily and, admit, it suffers a little)

So you Shun going out before the appropriate time, we invite you as every week to travel through space, fabrics, colors & shapes from the tranquility of your places of work or rest. Then, the best (or most fun) the global Street style.

The first stop takes us to the pairing of two colors is as rare as a flattering, Brown and blue, in this case from suits of lightweight fabric for summer and blue striped shirts. It is fresh and extremely elegant, both in its youth version in the first image, with the unbuttoned shirt, belt and pocket square in white; as in its more formal, with tie point in Navy and a good watch of Golden finishes as a perfect complement (for more jobs in fashion, would you recognize the second shooting? Yes, the Lord of the right is Ermenegildo Zegna)

The best and most timeless traditional European class an also summer composition but with much more contemporary connotations: shirt arremangada just below the elbows, great pattern on blue sky, buckled full background and slightly oversized.

Grey suit pants that lost all its formality with the bare fishing its structure and baggy, shoes without socks, cloth bag buckle and metallic bangles They rounded off a look that tend bridges between cultures and aesthetic needs. It could be seen in the recent fashion week in Paris.

This week we want to participate in the famous ultra and very peliculera American festivity of the 4th of July with this California who rejoins the celebration with the use of the three colors used through an outfit that fluctuates between the preppy and the skate. We love the jersey at peak, shirt and bow tie; the Vans and the clock of Ammerican Appareal in red are great, and the touch of the tissue in the back pocket is very appropriate for a teen look. The unique and important, but that there is too much information, too many parts that end up to spoil the end result.

For the next street style call in Munich: Dario opts for the less is more with three unique super basic elements, round neck white shirt of ASOs, boots Dr. Martens and attention to the super skinny jeans from Topman. The effect is of double pants: jeans below which only is devan view by the small overlay black Elastic webbing. The result is very original. Subtle grunge composition works.

We stayed in Germany to dismiss this post. The last comment goes to the Berlin commitment by the summer chic: Plaid Shirt in colors combined with the Chinese Garnet, good cut Blazer Pearl grey colour, shoes light brown skin and a point of extravagance in round tortoiseshell glasses. Isn’t simply and conveniently attend any event during this time?