The Best Street-Style of The Week (LXXXIII)

As every week, we return to the section of our best daily street-styles far and wide around the world. One section whose objective is none other that bring you ideas when it comes to combining and show you as a times very little, are able to make sets and outfits very flattering and breakers without having to go to buy a Hermes or Armani to enter into this.

So attentive to the tips and photos that we recommend for this week, none of them is priceless.

We started with one of the season must stronger I think qu is going to hit these months. The elbow pads they have always been object of devotion and hatred in equal parts but the truth is that they give the whole a very flattering sport air and remain a good item to break the monotony of some items. In this case, the blazer with the elbow pads acquires a more urban direction and allows us to combine it with a shirt, jeans and nautical and that the result remains quite informal.

Before you start with the simplest looks prefer to take a look at some who opt for groundbreaking trends, as the long over short that much I’m seeing lately: toreras, jackets and blazers … all mini size together with shirts, oversized sweaters or cardigans which reach up to the knees and getting a visual effect in the look quite flattering if we know how to do it.

Finally, those who resist to let the socks and Bermuda and they prefer looks baggy, monochromatic and tinged summer despite being in full October, to draw its conclusions with this street-style captured in Rome. Discreet, simple, classy and within what is possible, quite wearable.

But I still think that simplicity is done lies the key. Sets such as these convey purity, cleanliness and refinement in a unique way. Pieces chosen with taste, neutral colors, sizes game accurate and above all without much fuss or charging accessories. A good cowboy with a good pair of shoes, cardigans or jackets that we can put them oversized and t-shirts or shirt. Perfect.

Even if ours is the preppy style We can get adapt to these cannons. A shirt, a few good skinny, a tie that color and grace to the whole and finally and most important, shoes that stand out and dan shine all the look. Discrete items, very successful play of colours and mostly personified in the form of simple elegance.

If you want something more personal can opt either for the country style seasoned with point, as this outfir-based leather boots in high shank, color skinny and twisted Pearl point grey Blazer that is combined with a back in tone tile neck sweater. Much difference of colors but the result is quite nice.

And finally, the aesthetic rockabilly or biker, that is so hard to achieve in a good way, also recommends that we try it with care and delicacy and not abuse of supplements or garments. A good leather multi-Pocket jacket women coogi shirt or t-shirt can be enough to make you are looking for.