The Good, The Bad and The Bad of Google I/O 2015, and More: Galaxy Engadget Mobile

Dawns Sunday more and now that you will already have your coffee hot well prepared, what better way to catch up to the best articles of the week. Go back Galaxy Engadget Mobile, and here’s our selection:

  • is presented Android M and we have already been able to prove its main innovations. What such PT has the future of Android? Here we have what you.
  • It arrives Google Photos, is it the revolution to the world of photography on the Internet? What you think Flickr, OneDrive and other competition? Meanwhile here are our first impressions.
  • In Google I/o 2015 there has been a great forgotten: what Google +?
  • Jeff Bridges, a great film that’s been 35 years photographing it from within.
  • UPS, problems for The Witcher 3 on consoles and their low framerate.
  • Spectacular new robotic arm designed for paraplegics.
  • We have a new experiment: We install 16 more classical programmes and we tell you how have fared us with the crapware. Little does not, of course.
  • How is Apple if it defined? They explain it in Applesfera
  • Splatoon, one of those most different games that exist. In Kotaku analyze it and tell us all the details about the experience.
  • Finally Android M and Xataka Android shows two faces: the positive, the update that we expected; and the negative, has been a small disappointment.
  • New Microsoft Lumia? Because recent rumors suggest, they claim in Engadget Windows.
  • Flipboard It is the desired new large companies, want it giants such as Google, Yahoo or Twitter!

And to finish, our overview video of the Google I/o 2015 in just 4 minutes. Did you miss it? Here we explain the main novelties: