The Internet Is Fascinating, and So… Galaxy Engadget Mobile

The dose of culture of every weekend is here: Galaxy Engadget Mobile, our selection of the best readings of the entire week to culture your Sunday afternoon. And this edition comes with a companion special shaped Magnet, our new publication now available for all lovers of Internet.

  • Because The Internet is fascinating We have a new publication, Magnet, with wonderful readings as the role of States in the compulsory vaccination, war stories of Grandpa chives are now game or about the problem in the Western world with the breasts of women who breast-feed. And much, much more.
  • In Engadget photo We have nine directors of photography to follow, are essential for the lovers of the world.
  • A collector is selling his collection of cameras, in total 600 cameras manufactured between 1890 and 1980. Incredible.
  • If you have Windows 7 or 8 You can already book your copy of Windows 10 which, I remember, in many cases will be free.
  • Microsoft bought Mojang, but… There is a story behind that nobody has had, and that we bring on Kotaku.
  • That official apps stores are fine, but there are times that you should go out into the world and see what more there is out there. In the case of Android, from Xataka Android they recommended us the best that we can find out there outside.
  • Soon, we have very little, expected Windows 10 on our computers, but before… at Engadget you have everything we need to know.
  • Changes in iOS for Hitman: Sniper, changing model leaving the F2P.
  • ¿Usas Linux? Then essential Steam Guide for Linux users that comes from Engadget.
  • Great for Steam and very interesting week your gadget “bridge”, Link, to play from your main PC.
  • How can you force Google to manufacturers so that they update their terminals? Interesting debate that we bring from Xataka Android.
  • Go with Amazon, wants to become a linchpin in the video game market.
  • Finally hits the market Fallout 4, and it does so with a trailer and high expectations.
  • Approaching the E3, the big time at Kotaku and the video game industry telling us how to get Nintendo to these dates.
  • yes, yes, yes; Apple Watch is here. In Spain, say, where it will be available June 26.
  • Closing The Pirate Bay does not increase online sales. Anyone doubted it?