The New Rate Orange Richer Kangaroo, Will Be Exclusively for Companies of Time

Orange It has decided to present his last in society new rates for companies that the operator had already announced in April although it will be starting today when they will begin to promote the advantages of the most complete of the rates Babysitting PRO.

It is the new version with unlimited minutes that duplicates data bonus by 10 additional euros compared to the previous more complete version, up to the 5 GB and also includes a small bonus to talk and surf in roaming the European Union inherited from the tarifa whale which adds 100 minutes and 100 MB per month.

Kangaroo PRO 5 GB + roaming will be available by 65,13 EUR with ADSL direct or fiber at 50 Mbps, 72,18 euros with indirect ADSL and also next to the speeds of 100 Megs for €77.13 symmetrical fiber and 87.13 MB €200.

As additional benefits for being a fee for professionals, the new Kangaroo PRO includes exclusive Advisor to companies in store and mobile substitution in case of breakage or malfunction In addition to free minutes between lines of the company that will benefit from customers with squirrel, Toucan, additional line basic and additional line savings.

Orange maintains therefore practically the same structure of rates that particular contract but with slightly higher fees in some cases so far, does not seem that we we will get answers to the latest venture of Vodafone for professionals that are unchecked by offering data sharing between all lines of business.

So is the offer complete Orange rates for professionals