Metropolitan LA consists of 6 lines. The Red Line connects downtown to Union Station and North Hollywood. Blue leads from Downtown to Long Beach. Gold – from Union Station to Pasadena. Green – from Norwalk to Redondo Beach. Purple and Expo run through downtown.┬áSee citypopulationreview for state facts, symbols and history of Arizona.

For the metro and buses, there are single passes for 1.8 USD per trip. You can buy them from bus drivers or from vending machines at every metro station.


There are about 200 bus routes in the city, covering almost all streets and districts. Useful for tourists:

  • Beachwood Canyon Route, which runs close to the Hollywood giant letters, as well as along Hollywood Boulevard to Beachwood Dr;
  • Downtown Routes – 6 different routes that capture all the main attractions of the city: Chinatown, Little Tokyo, Financial District and Exposition Park;
  • The Hollywood/West Hollywood Route connects Hollywood to the Highland and the Beverly Center shopping mall along Sunset Blvd and La Cienega Blvd.


Apart from taxis from airports, train stations, bus terminals and some of the largest hotels, it is difficult to find a free car on the street, you must call by phone (Checker: 800-300-5007, Independent: 800-521-8294, Yellow Cab: 800-200- 1085). The fare is USD 2.6 per landing and USD 1.80 per mile. Payment by meter.

Bike rent

Bicycles can be rented at all Metro Rail stations. This pleasure costs from 7 USD per hour to 40 USD per day. Among local residents, such transport is very popular, although, of course, it is inferior to cars. New cycle paths appear every year, and now their total length already exceeds 500 km. Where there are no special routes, cyclists can safely move along the sidewalks without interfering with pedestrians. There are quite hilly areas in the city, it can be difficult to ride without special physical training.

Car rental in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is not in vain considered a city of motorists – it is most convenient to move around it on four wheels. Some bus routes stop moving quite early, and the metro is not available in all areas of the city. For those who want to visit as many sights as possible, car rental will come in handy, and in some cases it will cost less than public transport.

“City of Angels” at first surprises with its scale and confusion. It seems that it is impossible to drive a car here, but this is a delusion. You get used to the rules of traffic rules and local traffic in no time. After a few hours, the interspersed yellow and white marking lines cease to frighten. It is important to remember that pedestrians and cyclists need to give way at all times and everywhere. There are many parking lots in the city, but often they may not have free spaces.

LA is recognized as one of the busiest cities in the United States in terms of car traffic. When planning a route, it is better to allow time for standing in traffic jams. And in order not to get lost in the extensive network of streets and highways, we advise you to take a car with GPS.

There are many car rental companies in the city. There are local ( LA Rent-a-car ) and international ( Avis ). Prices start from 30 USD per day. Don’t jump on the first offer that comes along. The cost changes from time to time, you can find the most profitable option. For more information, please visit the Los Angeles Car Rental page.

Communications and Wi-Fi

To stay connected in Los Angeles, as well as in other cities in the States, it is best to buy a local SIM card. Prices per minute in roaming from Russian operators can bite a lot (up to 6 USD ). LA mobile companies do not have special tourist offers, but they do have prepaid SIM cards, a monthly tariff plan costs from 30 to 60 USD. For this money, you get the opportunity to communicate unlimitedly and exchange SMS messages for 30 calendar days. More expensive tariffs also provide from 2 to 5 GB of Internet traffic.

The city has many areas with free Wi-Fi. Connectivity is available in most cafes and restaurants. In some hotels, you have to pay for using the wireless network, but most often it is included in the price of accommodation. In addition, you can connect to the Internet at train stations, airports, cultural and public institutions. True, some of them have a limitation – no more than 30-45 minutes for one device. There are free Wi-Fi zones in city parks and beaches.

Go Los Angeles Card

Like most major tourist centers, Los Angeles has a special guest card that allows you to visit the maximum of interesting places, while saving significantly. The benefit from purchasing a subscription can reach up to 50%. The Go Los Angeles Card covers over 30 theatres, museums, exhibitions, parks, bus tours and cruise tours. By paying a fixed price, you can visit all of them or choose the most interesting ones.

There are different rates, depending on how many days you are going to use the card. The cheapest one will cost only 92 USD (for children under 12 years old – 72 USD ). Such a card is valid for 1 day and does not apply to all attractions.

Entrance to the Universal Studios is open to cardholders for 3, 5 and 7 days.

You can buy the Go Los Angeles Card online on the official website, where an up-to-date list of places that can be visited on the card is also published. In addition, season tickets are sold at the city’s tourist information centers and by calling 866-652-3053.

Transportation in Los Angeles, California

Transportation in Los Angeles, California
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