Trek-Two New Bikes Added to MTB’s Fastest Bikes Line

Trek-Two New Bikes Added to MTB’s Fastest Bikes Line

Trek has just launched two new XC bikes-redefining its platform with the inauguration of the renewed Top Fuel and Procaliber SL. Both bikes represent Trek’s commitment to providing a technologically sophisticated product for the most demanding mountain bikers.

Trek-Two New Bikes Added to MTB's Fastest Bikes Line

The OCLV MTB from Procaliber SL brings the IsoSpeed uncoupler, a technology proven at the highest levels of road and cyclocross racing, to the world of mountain bike racing.As road cyclists and cyclocross riders can attest, the IsoSpeed takes the hardtail beyond its limits without any sacrifice of pedaling efficiency, completely redefining what a hardtail can be. The new Procaliber features the Boost 148 and Boost 110 technologies, creating a 29er with better, stronger wheels and allowing shorter chainstays, improving both climb and agility. In addition, Procaliber SL will be offered in the Smart Wheel Size which allows all riders to ride with the fastest wheel according to their height. While the new Procaliber SL is at the top of the Trek’s hardtail line, the renowned Superfly will remain available in both carbon OCLV and aluminum.

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Over the years, cross country races have become more demanding, more technical trails, challenging brands to develop more complete solutions for riders. Trek Top Fuel uses years of experience in developing the company’s trail bikes to create a full-suspension, full-speed, full suspension bike. Top Fuel features Trek solutions in Active Braking Pivot, Full Floater, and EVO Link-which allow for active, very efficient suspension. The Mino link allows the pilot to adjust the frame to a more or less active geometry depending on your preference or trail. New technologies include Boost 148/110 that allowed incredibly short chainstays on a racing bike making it more agile and efficient for climbing. Top Fuel also uses the Smart Wheel Size concept so that everyone can use the fastest and most suitable wheel according to their height. Top Fuel will be available in OCLV MTB carbon and aluminum, according to calabasasshopping. Top Fuel replaces Superfly FS in the Trek line.

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The Trek Factory Racing XC team with Emily Batty, Bec Henderson, Dan McConnell, Sergio Mantecon, and Kohei Yamamoto have both been racing with Procaliber SL and Top Fuel all season. The biggest challenge that the new bikes have presented to the team is the decision on which of the two to choose for each race. Both Procaliber SL and Top Fuel Carbon will be available through Project One, the Trek bikes personalization program and available exclusively through Trek’s network of resellers.

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