Turn Your Smartphone Into a Flashlight For Days of Blackout

A flashlight is always an object of great utility, especially on rainy days and power outages. Did you ever need one and had not? With your smartphone in hand you solve this problem. The Flashlight – Tiny Flashlight application turns your phone into a flashlight, using the features of the device itself, such as the camera flash or the brightness of the screen to light your way.

Do not stay in the dark anymore

The application has a very simple interface. When you open it, just click a button and your screen will be lit. In addition, for easy access to this emergency flashlight, you can add a widget on your home screen.So, when you need it, just unlock your device and with a twist you have a pocket flashlight.

Flashlight – Tiny Flashlight has several features, among them a police siren, a warning light with flashing yellow lights, a common lamp with a light at the base, or a bright green screen of various tones will light up on your phone and you can call Attention of anyone.In addition, you can turn on or off sounds for the flashlights.

If your device does not have flash attached to the camera, the brightness emitted by the application may not have the same intensity as a flashlight, because it will use only the screen to emit the lights.Even so, the application is very useful and efficient for emergencies.

The Flashlight – Tiny Flashlight is free for smartphones with Android operating system and paid for users of iPhone or iPod Touch. Download Flashlight – Tiny torches and get out of the dark!