“Ultra Pixels”: HTC Plans The Smartphone Camera Revolution

The HTC M7 might already be equipped with a new camera technique, with the HTC will launch the attack on Nokia’s PureView technique.

Smartphone manufacturers leave no stone unturned to win the customers. After has arrived – finally introduced the Sony Xperia Z at the CES in Las Vegas with a such ultra high resolution display-the display arms race now in FullHD, the processors on octa-core level coming soon in May (installed in the Samsung Galaxy S4 ), and gradually the standard is also high speed Internet thanks to LTE and dual-channel Wi-Fi, it now passes to the cameras.

New sound and camera experience

On the official HTC Blog , the manufacturer has posted yesterday an infographic called “A short history of photography”. In it they explain the beginnings of photography and tell about the emergence of mass-grade cameras, then it goes but in 1997 only to the development of cameras in mobile phones. A chill up the back should run ambitious photographers, when a retrospective of photography such as interchangeable lenses, SLR and micro four thirds cameras are just omitted.

But the graphic is nunmal by HTC and not from Canon or Nikon. In any case, the Taiwanese proudly declare that 2010 the HTC droid incredible the first smartphone at Verizon is mega-pixel camera and the HTC Evo 3D the first phone with 8, that can record 3D images and videos. Yet Apple and Nokia will also gebashed and a critic of the Nokia 808 PureView cited, according to the new technology of the 41-mega pixel camera “one never brings further”. And then, 2013, line simple a question mark instead of a picture, and that: “HTC introduces 2013 a new sound and camera experience”.

In the sound experience, it should related to the camera, can I still imagine not much – maybe a Dolby Digital – video recording, of course beats audio license thanks? Joking aside, as the camera technology, hotPocket-Lint but one tip. The portal would have learned from Insider sources, that the gemunkelte upcoming FullHD flagship, the HTC M7, be equipped with a new “ultra pixel” camera sensor. Here, three sensor layers should be used, designated by one of the 4.3 megapixel resolution, and which means nearly 13 Megapixel, as previously rumored.

The combination of information from the three layers to an image will allow sharper, clearer and farbechtere photos. A similar technique was the American company FOVEON way, in 2002 with her “X 3” front sensor. This consists of three layers of silicon, which each recorded pixel in one of the three basic colours red, green and blue. The FOVEON X 3 channel is only in the DSLR cameras of German company Sigma.

Sometimes tense, as is – as long as source diePocket-lint correctly lay – the ultra-pixel sensor of the HTC fails if he close comes the quality of the X 3 sensor and whether he really writes a new chapter in terms of Smartphone camera technology. We may know more on February 19. HTC could imagine then that the eagerly awaited M7, because this day has invited the manufacturers at a press event in New York and London. The word “Ultra Pixel” could be the marketing-(UN)wort of the year anyway, ever when it comes to me.

What do you think about the ultra pixel thing? Can HTC to launch a camera revolution? And what does the “new sound experience” probably?