United States-Prices on Google’s New Nexus-Series

Google Nexus 4, 7 and 10 have all one thing in common, they have high-end specifications and low prices.

Google’s new Nexus-trio have filled the large media image in the tech industry for several weeks, now they are launched with rich specifications, and prices that are attractive.

However, in Denmark, we must arm ourselves with patience, it is still uncertain when the Nexus 4 comes to Denmark, and it is unknown if the Nexus 7 with 3 g, as well as the new Nexus 10 whatsoever comes to the country, but why should ye not being cheated out of an overview of the US prices.

LG Nexus 4 comes in two versions, 8 GB model costs $299 and the 16 GB version costs $349.

Google Nexus 7 by Asus, we know already the Danish prices on, but now there appeared a 32 GB 3 g version up on the market at a price of 299 dollars.

Along with the launch of the Nexus 7 3 g version, deleted 8 GB model, which means that in the future could only be purchased a 16 GB and 32 GB Wi-Fi and a 32 GB model with 3 g.

The new prices on Google Nexus 7 by Asus with Wi-Fi is therefore as follows: 16 GB version costs 199 dollars and 32 GB version costs 249 dollars.

Google Nexus 10 comes in two versions, a Wi-Fi 16 GB for $399 and a 32 GB for $499.

Prices subject to

Prices are listed in u.s. dollars and without Danish taxes, VAT and the market will depend on price estimates from manufacturers.

Expect, therefore, that all products will have a higher price than specified here, when or where they come to Denmark.

Common for all the US prices, however, is that, they compared to other products in similar categories, is lower than its comparable competitors.

As soon as the Danish launch dates and prices will be published, we will of course bring these.