Unlimited Data, No Tethering or Limited Data But without Restrictions of Use? The Question of The Week

We have recently seen the possibility that the rates with unlimited data on your mobile they were to become a reality in Spain although operators rushed in deny it for being supposedly unviable despite being a reality in other countries where restrictions come in sharing data with other devices or unclear speed reductions. About what is the model that most users take our versa question of the week.

We actually going out of rates with unlimited data for your exclusive use on a smartphone or you prefer the current model where the rates increase progressively their megs but with freedom to share them on other devices?

As always we leave seven days that pass you by Engadget Mobile answers and you can add your comment to our question this week, or if not pose new challenges or answer those of others. Many thanks to everyone for participating!

The question of the previous week

Before the imminent start of MWC 2015 where we find out the details of some of the most powerful and innovative this year smartphones, last week we wondered if will be One M9 the ultimate success of HTC, being the response of cristianm4691 the most voted and where it stated the following:

Sincerely, and sorry (because I like HTC in terms of design and interface) I doubt it very much. Although they put it at €500.
Company if it can increase sales and profits, if it curra is, but not only lived in a single high-end phone, since that alone is within reach of some: Apple in particular, and to a lesser measure Samsung and Sony, since these last two also live their low-end/middle and hence to HTC not worth him a “as it not smart” because it has already had its opportunities and squandered them with its low range to price of gold and that range is what gives money and sales, which is say Samsung or even Nokia, which was still selling already very entered conventional phones smartphones.
If we add that today it is more difficult to be differentiated by brands that are catching name as BQ, Huawei, Xiaomi, Oppo, etc as your range low/medium no it has nothing to envy to the same range of large. Even Samsung is going to continue lowering share hopelessly, because he got where he is because in the past were 4 cats (although that doesn’t mean he has bad terminals, to my I have won many things, leaving my old saved HTC).