Upcoming Smartphone Keeps Two Weeks on a Charge

An e-ink reader which can make calls is the idea behind InkPhone which can hold power for more than two weeks on a charge.

After seeing YotaPhone which, as we know, combines an e-ink screen with an LCD color screen, there was perhaps some could consider whether it would not be able to drop the colors as well and just have an e-ink display. That is the idea behind InkPhone as company Onyx is behind.

To call it a smartphone is perhaps to squeeze the lemon, which is basically talking about an e-reader that can make calls. It is designed for people who want to back to basics against promised and significantly better battery life. The black and white e-ink screen is 4.3 inch high, and the company promises that it can last for more than two weeks on a single charge on the 1,800 mAh large battery.

Onyx is a Chinese company that has great success in Poland, for example. With their InkPhone there is no need for that much hardware while not be delivered content to a high-resolution color screen, the user therefore a low-end 1.4 GHz CPU and a not specified (but lower) amount of RAM. There are 4 GB memory but you can use a microSD card of up to 32 GB.

Engadget has had his fingers in it by this year’s CeBit trade fair (watch the video in the source link). The built-in e-reader application served with distinction and star, but to use the phone in other contexts was a somewhat fishy affair with waiting times of up to 20 seconds when swipes from one home screen to another.

They tell also that you cannot use Google Play applications on your device without installing them, it is justified by the fact that the company cannot promise a minimum level of quality that users probably expect.

InkPhone is expected to smoke in production at the end of this month and should countries in shops in Poland and Germany in April. It should also be available via Amazon at a price of 140 euros (just over 1 000.-DKK).