Update: Will.i.am Builds Mega-Camera For Iphone

Update (29.11.2012): Will.i.am has his iPhone camera attachment Kit, which carries the name “foto. sosho”, well presented. There will be four versions of the set. The C4(“Contemporary”)-Gehäuse has a Flash and three interchangeable 14-megapixel lenses (standard, macro, Fisheye), V4 (“vintage”) also has a slide-out keyboard. While C4 and V4 for the iPhone 4 and 4s are and already come on December 6 on the market, two models for the be iPhone 5 next year, type C5 and V5. Down can you still a fun one because quite critical video of Engadget for the new gadgets.

The prices for the luxury accessory are steep: you must shell out 199 pounds or €247 for the C4-set, the V4 Kit costs € 299 and €370. Head of the i.am +-group Chandra Ruhani is associated with the Start-Up, by the way, fusion garage once failed.

Black eyed peas rapper Will.i.am wants to get a 14 megapixel camera attachment for Apple’s iPhone. This is just the beginning for many “i.am +”-be high-end gadgets for smartphones.

Apple advertises the 8-megapixel iSight camera in the Apple iPhone 5 as the “the world’s most popular camera”. William James Adams Jr., short Will.i.am and his character rapper of “Black eyed peas”, finds that Knipse but apparently not good enough. Namely, he has developed a 14-megapixel camera module attachment for the Smartphone, which completely takes over the functions of the previous camera. As theTelegraph, the Californian wants to present (How fitting) already the first product of the new technology and app brand “i.am +” in London of public next Wednesday.

Qualitative leap

The system is a camera dock to clip cash, the iSight

Qualitative leap

The system is a camera dock to clip cash, the iSightreplaced. It has an own camera sensor

as well as an own, better Flash. Thus, the quality of images in terms of sharpness and detail to a whole new level to be increased. As the singer explained, you must put the iPhone into the dock, and the Smartphone becomes the “Geniephone”. In addition to the iPhone 5 is the Super camera with the Apple iPhone 4 and Apple iPhone 4S compatible. The price Will.i.am will tell also next week, the mark start will take place in early December.

The Grammy winner at a photoshoot in London got the idea for the high-end accessory. There, a model took a photo with her iPhone, which already went through the net, before the shoot was over at all.Will.i.am then held a lens of the photographer before his cell phone, and the idea was born.