Upper Normandy is a region of France. It is located in the north of the country and includes the Departments of Eure and Seine-Maritime. The capital of the region is the city of Rouen.

The Haute-Normandie region was created in 1956, when it became the historic Normandy divided into two new regions. This step took place within the framework of the new division of the program regions in France. This is how Upper Normandy was formed. The second region is Lower Normandy.

By granting the status of an establishment public, the region of Haute-Normandie has been subordinate to a regional prefect since 1972. In 1982 the status was extended to a regional authority through the decentralization law. Until then, only municipalities and the departments were allowed to wear them. As early as 1986, the citizens of Upper Normandy were able to elect their regional councils directly. Opposite the central government in Paris, the powers of the regions have been expanded again and again and bear a lot of personal responsibility.

The landscapes of Upper Normandy In terms of landscape, Upper Normandy has an enormous number of facets to offer. Beautiful forests, green meadows and rock faces show themselves here to the attentive visitor. The Seine winds its way comfortably through the valleys and surroundings of the region. With these sights it is no wonder that many holidaymakers come to this region to find peace here. In the cities there are beautiful buildings from the Middle Ages. Here you will find many treasures, especially in the old towns of Upper Normandy, where you can visit architectural art at the highest level.

The cozy alleys and the winding streets radiate a very special flair for the visitors.

The cities of Le Havre and Dieppe are particularly recommended for a visit. These have a variety of attractions.

Those who like it more imposing should venture to the Alabaster Coast. Here the white rock formations impress and draw a long strip along the sea. The section near Etretat contains the so-called L’Aiguille rock needle and the spectacular Porte d’Avel rock gate.

Anyone planning their beach holiday here in the region should look forward to pebbly beaches to adjust. The seaside resort of Dieppe is one of the most popular holiday destinations in Upper Normandy. Accordingly, it has tourist facilities such as hotels, campsites and services as well as a distinctive gastronomy.

The beautiful Boucles de la Seine Normande Natural Park is a historic park with castles and abbeys. Here the story is within your grasp and can be experienced in a great setting.

Upper Normandy is known for its special specialties. The famous Seine-Maritime farm cheese comes from the Haute-Normandie region. It is exported all over the world and is characterized by its unmistakable taste.

When traveling through Upper Normandy, you should definitely try the local cuisine. Many Europeans associate France with wine, bread and crepes, but the delicacies of Upper Normandy in particular are something completely different. Here the hearty cuisine mixes with light dishes. The combination of what at first glance appears to be an adventurous combination creates the special taste of the respective dishes and dishes. Gastronomy has a long tradition in the entire region, which is always incorporated into the design of the dishes. Many of the dishes on offer are still prepared in the traditional way or according to traditional recipes. The varied fish dishes in particular can be recommended without hesitation.

Upper Normandy, France

Upper Normandy, France
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