Use Your Smartphone to Get More out of The Fixed Line Is Already Possible with Orange Softphone

Incumbents, especially, are premiering new services which offer differential value to its clients against the alternatives more focused on low cost that often characterize the OMVs and services as Softphone It is the last of the innovations that we know today of the hand of Orange to allow you to use the smartphone at home as if it were the landline.

The smartphone has become a fixed over the House for what you can forget the rest fixed-wireless connected to a rosette since with the new application Softphone can make calls from mobile phones as if you used the line sets in addition to receiving them and even making / answering a second call if one of the fixed is busy and thus be able to make most calls bonds included in the fixed service.

Softphone turn the smartphone into a fixed

In order to use Softphone will be necessary to download the application (at the moment only available for iPhone and Android), having ADSL in direct access or fiber optic line of Orange, a Livebox router (model without middle button and Next) and connect the smartphone to the same WiFi network so the call quality will be conditioned by the quality of the WiFi coverage of House.

From the app you can access the agenda of mobile contacts, make calls with HD quality, recording conversations or put on hold fixed calls (tune of waiting included) when you receive another call either fixed or mobile. The service will be available for a maximum of 5 smartphones per household regardless of whether the mobile belongs or not to the Orange.