VLC for Android in Pre-Alpha Version Ready for Download

It could be argued that VLC It’s him video player cross-platform and open source more widespread on the desktop computers. In Android and VLC own factory, we had a video player streaming using your computer as a source or destination, but all were crying out for was this famous application mobile video player.

Back in March we heard the news that the creators of VLC wanted to get a Android version and, after several extensions, in early September they enabled the registry to make beta tester. As often happens at other times, a developer applied in the matter has compiled a version of VLC to try this application already and has left her list to download.

Through the own Wiki of VLC and following the instructions on the Android SDK, You can get compile your own version of VLC, But if this task comes big you can resort to two compilations that Austin (a developer specializing in the topic) has posted on its website and will see footnote.

Each of the two compilations, performed through the NDK, It is intended for a type of processor that can be prepared to better perform any works required floating point for video decoding. With some processors will have to go to emulate floating-point (FPU) operations already for this must be using different build version.

In short, if your processor supports well these operations can use the NEON version and unlike the version NONEON. Find out what is using a file browser like File Expert, enter in the path /proc and look at the contents of the file cpuinfo (Needless to be Root to do this). Depending on whether the text appears or not the word Neon you’ll have to download the version with or without this so so fit to your Android. However both versions are unstable due to the fact that are still in pre-alpha phase and it will be common that you see the force close with frequency. I hope that you will clear and you can try this promising video player now.