Westwing Guide To LED Hose

Intelligent illuminations bring impressive results, being able to completely remodel an environment, after all, a game of lights wins the deserved highlights when they show what was previously obscured. One of the most popular decorative types nowadays is called the LED hose, a viable and pliable option, and can be easily adapted to the beauty and boldness of the décor of your house or apartment. Its success is due to a number of factors.

Among them, it can be mentioned that the LED hose allows greater flexibility to generate luminous effects in any environment of your home. Flexible, durable and durable, this type of lighting is a reference in crown molding, for example, or to be placed around furniture and other elements of your home. Get inspired with Westwing to find the ideal formula for you to make the home decor brighter with the LED hose!

More Versatility In Lighting

The LED hose has become popular because of its palpable versatility in the composition of environments of your house or apartment. Accompanied by different types of LED, the LED hose can harmonize with your style and the elements of your decoration with efficiency and discretion, adapting to your ideas easily.

Some of the advantages of LED hose in your decor:

The LED quality is highlighted in the economics that these projects with LED hose propose;

Isolated, this top of dichroic lighting can be installed even in places with a certain degree of humidity, such as outside areas, for example;

Each source can power up to 100 meters of LED hose;

Comes in color options that bring even more versatility to your project;

Easy to clean and install.

The LED hose thus offers a style of decoration both functional and effect, and let creativity overflow to the point of proposing novelties to compose the environments of your home, such as the living room or TV, balconies, gardens and yards, among other rooms. Inspire yourself in your own tasteful decorative taste and in the tips that Westwing has set apart to reinvent your home’s style with the LED hose.

White Led Hose

Currently, there are some variations of LED colors. Blue, green, yellow, white or blends of these tones create warm, beautiful and extremely charming environments. In the case of the white LED hose , its use is recommended for environments that require more indirect indirect lighting, such as rooms or kitchens.Toilets also match very well with the white LED hose. Another benefit of using this feature is that it consumes little electrical power.

The White Led Hose Light

The luminous hose has been increasingly used in the decoration. Besides illuminating the environment, it gives a more intimate and cozy touch to the room and replaces the traditional lamps or spots, and can be installed in open crown molding or cortineiros, for example. The white LED hose is an excellent indirect lighting option and can be combined with a ceiling positioned in the center of the room or a chandelier.

Usage Ideas For LED Hose

From the traditional white LED light bulb to the neon LED hose, there are multiple decorative possibilities. One of them is betting on the writing of phrases that light up with the hose. In the bedroom or even in the rooms, the effect is incredible.

To expose the elegance of the plaster coverings or the crown molding of your home, betting on the hose guarantees a discreet sophistication, but with a strong presence. By not heating up, the LED hose ensures that your decorative designs are inspired by increasingly varied and daring ideas. Experimenting is possible, and rightfully so, you can find within the elements of your home ways to make the various types of LEDs go through the walls and ceilings of your house or apartment.

White LED hose in the kitchen: The kitchen is a clean environment and it requires a little more clear and direct lighting, is not it? To ensure that your looks even more beautiful and functional, how about installing a white LED hose under the top cabinets? You can wrap all the furniture with this LED hose and still apply it on the ceiling. That little dinner will be a lot better with a white LED hose lighting up the environment!

White LED hose in the bathroom: The white LED hose gives a very big charm to a toilet or bathroom, you know? It is possible to compose a very charming and inviting environment by installing the white LED hose behind the mirror or a cabinet, for example. Niches can also receive a white LED hose to stand out in the environment.

Composing an environment with a white LED hose will bring more beauty and charm to the decor. Analyze the lighting elements you already have in the room and think about the combination with the white LED hose. By planning well you will get an excellent and very functional result. Try this feature!


Decorative Parasols

Decorative Parasols

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