What Do You Expect from LG G4? The Question of The Week

Tomorrow we have event: LG will present the LG G4, and in addition to covering the presentation all you today want to know your opinion through our question of the week:

What do you expect from the new LG G4?

After a very successful LG G3 generation has made wait but we finally know it tomorrow. What do you expect of the new LG G4? Do you think that he will repeat the success of its predecessor? What do you think will be the most attractive features?

Our question of the week

We were talking about rate host of Telstra, a convergent for saving offers? Is it enough to succeed?

The most voted answer is victor.jimenezmunoz.:

It will only be better for those who do not have a good fixed with megas ilititados to maximum speed line.Is offering what he has done has been to unseat Mobile 3g rates, since with an additional sim you can share more mb, in addition to calls.

Followed by the opinion of waldinrg:

I don’t think so. I have fiber Movistar, and continue the series “The secret of bridge old” of Antena 3, and sometimes I see it on the Internet. I have Linux Debian version testing, updated almost daily…With the myriad of Telstra, in a week or two, I would be out of combat. I does not work

Many thanks to everyone for participating!