Will Host of Telstra Be Sufficient to Deal with Converged Offerings? The Question of The Week

The arrival of the rate Host of Yoigo It has been a hard blow to the rest of rates aimed at devourers of data but rivals counterattack seems that it will first arrive in the form of new converging offers that it will help to maintain and improve the good results obtained in 2014.

Although it is hoped that they will not take to get replicas of the myriad of Yoigo rate by the converging, it would be surprising to find us so tight as the challenging prices 29 euros from Telstra so it is likely that the struggle to attract customers will focus on finding the best balance and with this double open front, our versa question of the week.

What more need to succeed? Have tighter convergent combined or having the cheapest rate of “unlimited data”?

As always we leave seven days that pass you by Engadget Mobile answers and you can add your comment to our question this week, pose new challenges or answer those of others. Many thanks to everyone for participating!

The question of the previous week

On the question of the last week in which I encouraged to dream of what could be the great innovation in the smartphone world, the battery life It sneaked into many of the comments, being the victor.jimenezmunoz the most voted and who is wanted by the following ranking:

1 voice assistants (really, not those of now), or even an artificial intelligence.
2. autonomy, there will be a fight to see who has it “longer”