Windows Phone 7.8: Update Rollout Begun

Windows phone 7.x users can enjoy among other things customizable tiles and Bing wallpaper for the lock screen. In particular Nokia users can supply this month.

Over half a year ago users who themselves have just installed a new Lumia Smartphone, had to have irritated powerful. As with the announcement of Windows Phone 8 it was announced at the same time that the previous Windows phone devices would have no update to the new version, because the hardware that was not sufficient. Instead, there

was a minor update to version 7.8. This is being rolled out now after. Beneficiaries from the update on Windows phone 7.8 are first of all the owners the followingNokia- Smartphones: Nokia Lumia 510, Nokia Lumia 610, 710 Nokia Lumia, Nokia Lumia 800 and 900 Nokia Lumia. The Finns can not call an exact date however, this is dependent on the network operator, is like on the Nokia Blog to read. Soon, even HTC-, LGand Samsungdevices running Windows phone 7.x should be supplied with the new version.

The update on the Lumia smartphones is not “over the air”, but using a PC. Users will be displayed on their devices, if the update is available and can get then using the Zune software on the computer to your Smartphone’s.

City lens & camera tools, but no IE 10

7.8 Windows phone update offers some features that you know from Windows phone 8:

  • Live tiles are well represented across the entire home screen and can be adapted in size.Small, medium and large – are three sizes – to the selection. The tile is larger, it will display more information.
  • For the home screen theme, you now have the choice of 20 different colours.
  • A daily Bing wallpaper can now be shown on the LockScreen.
  • “Camera tools”: the camera gets new features like the ability to create the best group photo by continuous shooting (“smart group shot”) or a panoramic and self-timer mode.
  • Nokia city lens: The application displays additional information via augmented reality users to the attractions or restaurants, which he has just in front of the lens.
  • Thanks to tethering, you can use your phone as a Wi-Fi hotspot.
  • With “Bluetooth Share” you can share content via Bluetooth just with friends.
  • “Play To”: content can be exchanged with DLNA enabled smartphones.

Are not included in the package, however, including the new Internet Explorer 10 or the appearance of live applications on the lock screen, just like the ability to set up an account with “Children’s corner” for the pupils.

How do you find the new features in Windows phone 7.8? Sensible and overdue upgrades or only a weak consolation prize?


Windows 7.8 Not Due Until Early 2013

Windows 7.8 Not Due Until Early 2013


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