Windows Phone 8 Has Protected Children’s Corner

It’s the end of the kids fiddling around in the smart phone when they lend it to our site games. Kids Corner displays only those applications that have been approved.

You can safely borrow your Windows Phone 8 smartphone for the kids. The system offers for at a special children’s corner, which can be activated by slide lock screen from right to left.

Showing so that only programs and games, as the owner of the phone, have actively added and approved children’s corner, which should be seen as a very limited State.

So the young ones coming not to install applications you haven’t approved. Nor can that rodes in settings, mails or other parts of the phone.

As soon as the “children’s corner”/”kidscorner” is enabled, the phone will be locked with pin, so if even if fledglings leave Kidscorner, they cannot open the conventional part of the phone – but only the limited child mode.