WindsorNot, Phone WebOS Not Hit The Market

HP stayed with webOS with the intention to gain a foothold in the mobile market, but the reality is that the adventure did not run them. Phones and a tablet appeared on the road, but also stayed one in the kitchen, warm, waiting to come out to the market.

In larger than Pre 3 HP or Veer, they were building up a Smartphone known as WindsorNot, with a four-inch screen, quite in line with what the market demanded there by the year 2011 (present output at the end of the year). As you can see, it was fully touch, there was no sliding keyboard.

The device was cancelled, but we now know its appearance and shared with HP Pre 3 specifications. The prototype that circulates through the network had with version 3.X of the operating system webOS, which was curiously tabletds-oriented.

One of the reasons why the project was cooled, besides by the malfunction of the platform, had it in the lack of support LTE, something that was important in 2012 for the related operator, AT & T.