You Recommend Android as Portable Gaming Platform? Engadget Android Questions

We like to play with our Android and I never tire of repeating it, either because it supplements those empty moments or because we simply like to play. The Android platform has gone out little by little his puberty as a gaming platform and today we can find a good consignment of great games, but, although outside of the Android Market and by manual installation, we also have emulators of console and a mobile phone as the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play whose control is much easier to enjoy playing.

Watching you with your comments are many who play regularly in Android, almost until the batteries, we think that it is good time to analyze the current situation and I raised the question whether would you recommend Android as portable gaming platform? and above all that we expongáis the reasons, both positive and negative.

Last week was our reader firuz who shamelessly and to the question of which were the basic functions most doing with their Android daily We responded:

The most common I am oddly is call.
Do I’m freaky no?

And we say to you that we have a few readers that enjoy full health and we like to listen to all opinions, because for that, is this section. So we also invite to us answer this week, with a theme that gives much play.

You have to use the section of Engadget Android answers in order to respond and next week will promptly publish the most valued by all of you, so it is not only give your opinion, if not of reading and rating the more you like it. Id and responded to the question!