Zara and Their Lookbook for The Month of May: a Cluster of Trends and Summer Colors

Zara Once again surprises us again with their seasonal lookbooks. If the last time was one of its main protagonists, color contrasts rather than pointed and very urban trends, this time has decided to opt for the more sober outfits, pretty summer but rather colors discrete and trends ranging from the navy, once again, to the total look that for the occasion have decided that are white with contrast of white ranging from the broken until the nuclear. A fresh collection and more discreet than usual that follows Zara positioning for this season as one of the greatest exponent of the low-cost companies.

We could say that as in the collection of Boss Selection, firm has chosen three colors on which structure all its proposal for the month of may: Blue, white and Red.


The blue they drive away enough from what we used to see as a trend of this season (turquoise and aquamarine stones) and choose for the Blue marine broken, worn with a vintage air. This got an enhancement over the fabric effect, as it is the case with the Cross blasiers side buttons and pockets of plastran.

It is ideal to take advantage of the garment to combine it with a color that within the contrast involved in employing such tones, know how to enhance one another: color camel, beige and even some Orange peach they can serve us for that purpose. What we carry below, preferably in light colours to contrast with the chromatic sobriety of the set.

The slub t-shirt they are also committed to this color. Linen or lycra, are options more than recommended to contrast with pants or Bermuda. If we are committed to the linen also pants will achieve a Ibiza look of contrasts that we can highlight with accessories such as the Silk scarves in Celestial tones, a wayfarer’s cutting curved or even some discrete borsalino.

Finally, the Chinese pants in the collection have also decided to include this tonality in his repertoire, but cigarettes are not treated pants for that thanks to the cut straight and loose pants will get larger and more unstructured looks that we can play with colors with greater freedom.


The white key proposals may be which have most pleased me because far from abusing the same key, the idea as we appreciate the lookbook is of play with the different shades and remove the most. The linen jacket of the figure, with applique and pockets zipper on the side, is combined with runaway in washed denim shirt and linen pants to get an outfit very summery and smooth. In indigo suede belt becomes the differentiating element of the upper and lower.

Linen shirts (the big bet of the season) with peak, V or boat neck…

… either more elegant cut shirts, oxford-style and in linen also, that excluding another hue is opts to break the monotony of the Assembly with a very discreet print pictures of the same color that turn the.

Finally, the total white look in the collection are one of the great strengths of the season. We know that it’s a must have in it comes to spring trends and here have been able to take full advantage of. Four levels of targets, beginning with the armhole in broken white slub t-shirt, smooth sheer nuclear white shirt, Blazer in a more raw white with classic cut and lapel collar and a pair of jeans in nuclear white also cut straight and tight to finish. The detail of the belt in black, essential to achieve the key effect.


More discreet than the previous ones, are found mainly in pants and jackets and serve as background on which structure the navy of season destination. Sleeve jerseys three quarters and patterned navy -based blue stripes on a white background…

… to which we can customize betting on red in the Blazer of plush (more sports and elastic to the linen and lycra) and get a contrast of colors by Bermuda blank nuclear low back and the same shirt than in previous look.