Android Video Player: IMPlayer +

We continue with the special Android video player. This time we will analyze iMPlayer +, perhaps not as popular as RockPlayer or MoboPlayer, and whose biggest advantage is that it is free and very easy to use. Perhaps this simplicity also becomes its biggest drawback, since there are not many options.

iMPlayer + is not as popular as other players, perhaps because the developers are Koreans and the explanations in the Market are very basic and your website is entirely in Korean. It’s a shame because this application suggests ways. Anyway don’t be alarmed, the application is translated into English, although Spanish is conspicuous by its absence. Read more

Android Video Player: VitalPlayer

We continue with the special video player for Android. And on this occasion we bring you VitalPlayer, a player with two versions, free and paid, that surely will please the most demanding. With a careful interface, good reproduction and choices for all tastes.

In fact there are more than two versions of VitalPlayer, Depending on the CPU that has the device there is a VitalPlayer Neon for those who have the popular ARM Cortex-A8, so the application is less than size. This seems somewhat confusing to users, but to follow the councils that exist in the Market of mobile supported is sufficient. Read more

Video Player on Android: QQPlayer

We continue with our special analyzing video on Android players. We have been already a few to give us realized there is a wide range of players that cover our needs. From more advanced users that they worry about codecs and optimization for dual-core for your tablet to those wanting just a simple player to watch videos without complicating life.

This time it’s the turn of a player, something unknown, although according to the number of downloads and ratings in the Android Market is not. We speak of QQPlayer, another player adapted for both smartphone and tablets Honeycomb. I didn’t and I was pleasantly surprised without great fanfare. We went to see point-by-point some of its salient features. Read more

Princess Punt, Kick Instructs Your Hero to The Battlefield

More or less like it should recognize that Angry Birds has been a success in the world of mobile games. So much so that some developers have decided to imitate the formula from Rovio to which we could already consider an own gender.

Within this singular genus there are many proposals, including one really unique: Princess Punt. A game where we play to a princess who will have to kick your hero and their guardians to fight against the enemies of each scenario. It sounds surreal, but this title, of Japanese origin, is really fun. Read more

Android Video Player: PowerDVD Mobile

This time it is the turn to a commonly known application thanks to the PC version, as PowerDVD It was one of the applications that used to give you when you buy a DVD player for your computer. Logically the desktop application has evolved, migrating to more complete multimedia tasks.

First of all there is to clarify that PowerDVD Mobile only is designed to operate in Honeycomb tablets, but this is not not the beginning of the drawbacks that we have found this application of the factory CyberLink. Read more

Video Player Android: Mx Video Player

We continue with our special on the Android video player. As the two great players that we’ve analyzed that exist on Android since almost when we all had a dictionary like Rockplayer or MoboPlayer.

On this occasion it is one which I have to admit it was not used until we set ourselves to make this special reviews. It is of of MX Video Player, and now I can say that it has become my player’s head, no doubt. Without detracting from the rest of the players, are details and its tighter integration with Honeycomb which has made me take the decision. Read more

Android Video Player: Rock Player

We continue our look at Android with Rock Player video players, one of the players all-terrain more time to Android Market together with the previous we review, Mobo Player. In fact, note resemblance between the two, to the point that the playback menu icons look the same.

So just compare the catches of both applications to find the resemblance. However, internally you notice differences, and I fear that that’s where Rock Player loses the game, because it is not as off-roading as promises and also includes ads, unless you pay for a license. Read more

Dropbox, You Can Download and Try The Next Version with Major Changes

Dropbox It is a cloud storage service, free or payment depending on your needs. This service is designed to manage it from your computer, either via a Web browser or the desktop client. The thing improves when you also install the application for mobile or tablet, You can access the contents of your account. The current version you have in the Android Market is a bit limited, but we already have been tested one Beta version, Preview of the next update, which will bring and we tell you these improvements. Read more

Let’s Golf! 3 HD Already Is Available in Android Market… Free!

The last title of the prolific factory is now available for download Gameloft, that brings to Android update of your Let ’ s Golf! to version 3.

This new game is not only a review of Let ’ s Golf! 2, but that introduces new features, beyond the game itself, which will delight fans. The first is that we will be able create our own “ virtual character & #8221; in the purest style of the Mii ’ s of Nintendo, and the second and no less important, is that we will be able challenge players from around the world through the network. Read more

Swiftkey Tablet X, a Keyboard for Squeezing Your Tablet Android

In Swiftkey they have clear that adapt an app so well as a Tablet not must consist of simply scale it to big screens. They need to be adapted to take advantage of the possibilities for one greater screen.

In the case of the keyboard this is especially important, since the ergonomics varies greatly from a smartphone to a tablet. Hence today talk of Swiftkey Tablet X, the application specifically designed for tablets of the well-known X Swifkey. Read more

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