LED Mood Lighting

Meanwhile, there are so few manufacturers on the market of “smart lighting”, of which Philips Hue and Osram Lightify certainly are the best known brands in the minds of users. Nevertheless, they are not alone, because Elgato attacks for some time not only with his Eve series with Apple HomeKit support the “connected home” to, but has the Avea system also has its own lighting system with smartphone-controllable light sources available. In Avea Flare is a stand-alone LED mood lighting, which not only brings different colors and be controlled via smartphone app lets, but thanks to the integrated battery is good for outdoor use.I got asked one of these flare lights Elgato available and could they look at me a little more closely-my impressions can be found in the following lines now.

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Sports Music

You must natuurlik like some music to sports to music, but who does not like music at all now. For almost all music where he or she feels comfortable with sports on.



Leading stated that there are plenty of sports that are not suitable for music. Let’s start with team sports. Often talked back and forth with each other and play different things that let it not be good if there is music to be played. Moreover, adds nothing to your sport.
When you look at the individual sports then we can say that education in individual sports are often ideal for?? whatever the reason?? Music to your ears are. One example is athletics, this is an individual sport and workout music to the ears can help you with your concentration. Therefore it is always good to choose the music that does something for you, any other music you hear but did not get really into you, and therefore goes beyond you. The effects you can achieve with different music is not.

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iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus in Germany

Phone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are the best and most advanced iPhone ever and can at O from today 2 be ordered. They have a brand new advanced camera system, a dust-and splashproof design, stereo speakers and the A10 Fusion chip, the most powerful chip ever used in a smartphone with the best battery life, the iPhone has ever had.

The Apple Watch Series 2, the next generation of the most popular watch in the world, as well as the  Apple Watch Series 1 will be at a later date at O 2 to be available. The Apple Watch Series 2 is packed with incredible fitness and health functions, such as the built-in GPS and classification as water resistant to 50 meters. The Apple Watch Series 2 also has the brightest display that Apple has ever shipped, and a powerful dual-core processor as well as the performance improvements of watchOS. 3

“At Telefónica Germany ‘s customers a great product and service experience and exciting innovations benefit. As OnLife Telco we encoder and motor of digitization and offer our customers attractive solutions for their digital lives on”, explains Markus Haas, COO of Telefónica Germany. ” Our attractive O 2 tariffs as the current O 2 Blue All-in M and O 2 on Business M are the ideal offers to the incredible possibilities of the new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus in our modern mobile networks to benefit”.

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Qualcomm and Xiaomi Agree to Use Some Licenses 3G and 4G

Qualcomm recently announced that it has signed a new licensing agreement with Chinese manufacturer Haier, for the use of certain patents related to technology 3g and 4g (see Abbreviationfinder.org for what does 3G and 4G mean).

Under the terms signed by both parties, Xiaomi will pay a series of royalties to develop, manufacture and market devices with all the latest technology related to 3g and 4g rigorously patented by the American chipmaker, in line with the program Qualcomm to China’s National Reform and Development Commission (NDRC), signed by California home under China’s anti-monopoly law.

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How to Choose The Perfect Sports Bra

The sports bra is the best way to feel fresh and energized during sports . It keeps the body from cramps and pain as a result of immobilization of field independence with what activity you do.

Equipment during sports is crucial. However, often the least attention is paid to the selection of a suitable bra. The fact is that without proper support breast may significantly change its position.

Moreover, ordinary bras are uncomfortable during activity and may be a reason to hate these pursuits. A training without the necessary support can permanently disrupt the connective tissue in the chest and they hung.

When choosing a sports bra should look for one that in most greatly reduces the movement of the chest. It should surrounds the area not pressed against it. Best in this case with padded bras outings cups of breathable fabric that does not cause any irritation.

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Floral Dresses Plus Sizes

Slowly, the birds are returning. And now and then the sun peeks out from behind the clouds and even brings warm rays. Yes, it will not be long, then spring is here. In nature, you can already see the beginning of spring blooming everywhere: daffodils, snowdrops and crocuses bloom in competition. Time that you bring the flowers in your wardrobe. Because there is nothing better than to herald the spring with wonderful floral dresses!

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Samsung Gear S2 Smartwatch Review

The Gear S2 of Samsung is now ready to be announced. The new device will be officially presented next 3 September in Berlin, during an event on the sidelines of the IFA 2015.

Awaiting the arrival on the market are continuing the final tests and Dennis Miloseski, designer of Samsung Design America, posted on Instagram a photo that shows the Gear with a new watchface with date, moon phase, month and day of the week:

This is the comment to the image: “Giving the new Samsung Gear S2 to test drive. #samsung #watch #wearable “. Miloseski is head of Samsung Mobile UXCA and supervises the development of the user interface. Read more

Kitchen Interior Design

The kitchenettes depart from the concept of integration between the environments of the house.

It is a solution adopted to connect the kitchen to the dining room or to the living room and it may be even used in homes and apartment without walls .

“Today, this style of kitchen is preferred by 85% of consumers, while in 2007 the search was only 30%”, Felipe Garcia said, a product development manager for Living builder.

The kitchen is characterized by using a half wall or a bench to separate from the surrounding environment. According to this central idea, architects and designers develop new techniques and trends to enrich the environment and its characteristics.

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