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Your Perfect Beach Outfit

The sun glistens on the waves. Summer is in the air. The perfect day for the beach. Pure relaxation. Round well-being. Especially in the new beach outfit: Hauchzart. Comfortable.Pleasant, even when it is hot. So it should be, the perfect beach outfit.

Our fashion consultant Kim has great advice me by my new summer look. I feel fit as a fiddle in it and super trendy. And it also for the lords of creation a cool outfit and for tips in store:

For perfect beach outfit for the woman heard this summer necessarily an airy, light summer dress-for example, from SET (€ 179.95) or La Fee Maraboutee. On warm days the most pleasant way, fabric on the skin to wear. The sunglasses from Le Specs (€ 59.95) is naturally set. For if anyone has a clue of sunglasses, then the Australians. And who made this year the blue to Trend.This light weight shoe woman wearing the holiday feeling on the feet in which are the espadrilles by Michael Kors (€ 139.95). Beautifully openwork lace allows air to breathe. Partly they are on top of that.

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Retro Sunglasses

sare not only protect your eyes but increasingly also an integral part not only of summer outfits. Correct shape, size and color of the sunglasses will give your appearance one cherry. And what trends will go this season? There are many styles of frames that are worth noting and should not be missing in your wardrobe.

Long live the retro!

In recent fashion collections returns retro. That statement is also in sunglasses. For the summer of 2016 it is typical to return to the sixties and seventies. Dominated bony frame in natural colors such as green, brown and gray.

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Set of Constraints with “Kids Place” on Android [Tip]

When the young ones must play on your Android phone or tablet in a snap, you can give them special access to exactly what you want.

You probably have a lot of things on your smartphone that under no circumstances should be deleted, when kids should be allowed to play games and the like. So even if we at our site have previously shown this Tip: Show that it is you who decides over the economy!, then it is, of course, does not mean that it is what you are looking for.

Maybe you instead need to gather some apps, which the children can access without having to be concerned about all the other content. On Windows Phone devices can function “children’s corner” help with the task, since it is built-in, and can give special access to selected apps on the device.  Read more

Tips for You to Make a Retro Makeup

“Retro” can be defined as a tendency or habit of the past that came back to use, redesigned or not.

And it’s not hard to find fashion trends of 50, 40 years ago on the catwalks and in the pop world today.

The retro makeup, for example, is on the rise in the middle of 2016.

Salient features of the years 60 and 70 are present on the faces of fashion icons, music and cinema and we are here to give you tips on how to incorporate them into your daily life and your look.

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BlackBerry Will Launch Three New High-End Devices to “Keyboard Aficionadoer”

BlackBerry does not forget its loyal customers who love their keyboard, the Director promises that there are three new models on the way.

BlackBerry’s future high-end mobiles will supposedly have a full QWERTY keyboard and thus again go away from mobiles with pure touch screen.

In a talk with Reuters tells BlackBerry Director John Chen, that over a period of 18 months is planning to introduce high-end devices aimed at “keyboard aficionados”. He also mentions that they have at least three different entities on the drawing board where the focus is very much on the keyboard. Read more

The Best LED Flashlight

The flashlight is one of the most useful everyday accessory. With it, you’ll be able to point you in a private room openings and electricity or to see clearly in the dark. Some trades such as security require to bring in, then how to find the right one? For this criteria to be considered are among others the light power, scope and accessories. Lamps LED torches have the advantage of offering a wide range of power ranging from 10 to 1000 lumens, up to you. As regards the scope, it can vary from 1 to 3 m and more for professionals. Thus, top rated market are: the Maglite ST3D016 for its strength, energy saving and range of 364 meters, and Lighting EVER 1,200,012 for its luminous intensity of 140 lumens, and its compact design easy to carry with its weight 96g and has a length of 150,88mm.

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NSA Monitors up to 122 Leaders Worldwide

NSA surveillance system to monitor 22 executives, but after a leaked document suggests that 122 leaders were the target.

Edward Snowden has created part ballede and got a part coverage due to the documents he leaked to the press. The NSA is not completely satisfied with their previous criticism of NSA employee, but does not seem to stop for the time being.

It has previously been suggested that German Chancellor Angela Merkel was monitored by system called “Nymrod”. Nymrod monitors conversations and collect quotes from everything from phone conversations to e-mails. Read more

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