The Phenomenon Of Apple

Apple’s biggest competitor is catching up slowly

Every time when a new Apple product, the excitement is great. Thousands of people are facing the Apple stores around the world and waiting for the newest product.
Within only three days three million pieces were sold by the iPad mini. That’s nothing compared to the iPhone 5. Because the Smartphone caused an incredible onslaught. Already sold no less than five million iPhone-5-copies on the first weekend. In the fourth quarter last year the company sold 37 million iPhones, about 15 million iPads and around five million Mac computers.

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What is LTE?

Almost every third German surfing his Smartphone. About half of users are aged between 14 and 29 years.The mobile Internet is becoming increasingly popular in the population, even among the older generation. This of course also the demands are increasing. The surfing speed and the reception are often the biggest criticisms.Preferably as soon surfing the Smartphone at home with your computer or laptop. Many wish it. Especially in the rural areas or more distant areas is often about the very poor or barely existing supply with mobile Internet channels complained. These so-called “white spots” are known already for a long time.

The new mobile communications standard LTE is designed to provide a significant improvement in.There, many questions arise especially for the consumer.
• What exactly is LTE?
• What’s new?
I • what are the benefits when I use LTE?
• How do I get LTE at all?

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Huawei Ascend D2: FullHD Smartphone With Monster Battery

Huawei has unveiled at CES the high-end device Ascend D2 with top display, camera and battery, but no LTE. However, it comes to us too late.

FullHD-smartphones are in fashion as the CES held this week in Las Vegas. So Sony has unveiled its new top model Sony Xperia Z , ZTE Grand S and even Huawei makes no slouch himself. The Chinese have also a Smartphone with 1080 p display at the start next to their first Windows phone 8-device Huawei Ascend W1 and the Phablet Huawei Ascend Mate with the Huawei Ascend D2.

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The Our site Smartphone Leaderboard Autumn 2012

A whole range of new smartphones at the start has gone in the third quarter, of which many in my current top 10 have succeeded.

  1. (new)Samsung Galaxy touch 2

The Samsung Galaxy has touch are right to immediately secure the place in the Sun. The excellent and huge 5.5 inch SuperAMOLED HD-display (1,280 x 720 pixels) now has a RGB matrix, which makes the appearance of even sharper and brighter. The quad-core processor delivers fast performance and also the software offers new specials such as the “air”view-Preview.

  1. (1)Samsung Galaxy S3(Samsung Galaxy S3 LTE)

Even half a year after the release of the Galaxy S3 offers still the best total package for all, the note 2 is too large. Top hardware coupled with extensive facilities including an optional high speed Internet provide a great Android experience, especially since this now as 4.1 jelly bean exists.

  1. (new)Apple iPhone 5

No question, the thinnest, largest and fastest iPhone of ever has more than earned a spot on the podium. Minor annoyances such as Apple maps in iOS 6, the missing complete LTE coverage for Germany and the housing defects in one batch to prevent a better placement.

  1. (new)HTC one X +

The one X + puts it on the already excellent HTC One X again a and makes your Smartphone faster and sustained. Also, you have now properly-plenty of space for multimedia apps on request with 64 GB. Next on board: the first-class SuperLCD2-IPS display with natural colours and 1a-viewing angle stability.

  1. (new)Nokia Lumia 920

With the Lumia 920, Nokia has introduced the best Windows phone of all time on the market. The device is full of innovations, such as the PureView camera module equipped with springs, the highly sensitive touch screen and the Wireless charging possibilities. Downer is the slightly chunky design.

  1. (new)LG nexus 4

The next rookie comes from LG. The nexus 4 boasts high resolution display, fast quad-core processor and the latest Android 4.2 jelly bean. With the price of €299, the Smartphone that is significantly cheaper than the competition, what caused a quick sell off at the launch.

  1. (new)Sony Xperia T

When 007 got it, it can be bad: the James Bond Smartphone offers a chic Xperia arc-like design, good performance, a bright and sharp display and a 13-megapixel cam. Some mau is, however, the battery and the camera behavior in bad light.

  1. (5)Motorola RAZR Maxx

Many Smartphones of summer leaderboard are this time no longer around, the RAZR Maxx already. Why? It is one of the few smartphones, who place great value on the endurance: the battery has a capacity of 3300 mAh and lasts up to two days of full load without electricity – because only the very least rivals can match. Jelly bean update does its part to the top-10 ranking the robust exterior and the upcoming 4.1.

  1. (new)HTC 8 X

The second Windows phone 8 Smarphone of this autumn comes from the HTC and is a design piece of cake. Thanks to HTC one X (+)-display, good ultra wide angle front – and rear-view camera and beats audio sound creates the Smartphone the jump into the top 10.

  1. (new)Motorola RAZR i

Slightly went down with all the new champions of this quarter – but wrongly: the Razr i, which runs contrary to the competitors with an Intel processor, is an interesting alternative for Android fans with a liquid operation, a good full-touch screen and a hard shell.

“Ultra Pixels”: HTC Plans The Smartphone Camera Revolution

The HTC M7 might already be equipped with a new camera technique, with the HTC will launch the attack on Nokia’s PureView technique.

Smartphone manufacturers leave no stone unturned to win the customers. After has arrived – finally introduced the Sony Xperia Z at the CES in Las Vegas with a such ultra high resolution display-the display arms race now in FullHD, the processors on octa-core level coming soon in May (installed in the Samsung Galaxy S4 ), and gradually the standard is also high speed Internet thanks to LTE and dual-channel Wi-Fi, it now passes to the cameras.

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Preview: The top 3-Smartphone News In December

Christmas can there be a Smartphone? Perhaps it is your choice on one of these three models, which this month are new on the market.

Asus Padfone 2

The Asus Padfone 2 is an excellent high-end Smartphone without the tablet. Be 4.7 inch HD IPS +-display is one of the best on the market with strong contrasts and good viewing angles. With a resolution of 1,280 x 720 pixels, it comes on a pixel density of 312.5 ppi. In terms of brightness, the Smartphone with 550 nit can absolutely convince. It is protected by Gorilla glass against scratches. The Snapdragon S4 Pro 1.5-GHz quad-core processor provides in combination with the 2 GB large memory for fleet operation.

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HTC Butterfly: FullHD for Europe? For The Time Being No!

Come to us or not? The rumor mill to a Europe start of the first full HD smartphone from HTC simmers on. But a message from Italy seems to put an end to all speculation.

As HTC mid-October the Smartlet HTC J Butterfly Japan announced they were thus loads of sensation in the industry, the press and the fans. Why? J butterfly is the first smartphone that offers a 5-inch display with a FullHD resolution, so with 1,920 x 1080 pixels. A pixel density is achieved by no less than 440 ppi.The message took care of dichotomous opinions: while some see a small revolution coming, the others thought that a so sharp display only go to the battery and bring to the naked eye more on a HD screen eh even no benefits.

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Nokia 620 vs HTC 8s – Who’s The Better Wp8 Basic?

Today is the newWindows phone 8-beginners- Smartphone Nokia 620. do we’s play the 8s, let against his rival from HTC,.

With the new version of Windows phone, Windows phone 8, a lot has changed: live tiles can now be customized, already on the LockScreen to get updates from “Live applications”, a new Internet Explorer (version 10) is on board, you can create a separate account for kids, and and and. To the hardware restrictions loosened up, so that now multiple-core processors and HD displays such as in the champions Nokia Lumia 920, HTC 8 X or Samsung ATIV S can be used.

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Windows Phone 7.8: Update Rollout Begun

Windows phone 7.x users can enjoy among other things customizable tiles and Bing wallpaper for the lock screen. In particular Nokia users can supply this month.

Over half a year ago users who themselves have just installed a new Lumia Smartphone, had to have irritated powerful. As with the announcement of Windows Phone 8 it was announced at the same time that the previous Windows phone devices would have no update to the new version, because the hardware that was not sufficient. Instead, there

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Sony Xperia E: Beginners With Jelly Bean

With the Sony Xperia E a simple Smartphone with Android 4.1 on the market, in which the user can monitor the data and battery consumption is coming soon. The device there are also available in a dual-SIM version.

In the year of the Smartphone 2012 Sony brought out no less than 11 devices by champions such as theSony Xperia S or the Sony Xperia T through middle-class devices such as the Sony Xperia P up to a beginner like the Sony Xperia U, the tipo Sony Xperia or the Sony Xperia go. Now, the first devices for 2013 are already announced: in addition to

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